Monday, October 4, 2010

Driving part 2 through Canada

I wish that I had thought to take picture after we went through Niagara Falls and then up through Toronto. But I was too nervous about the car and wondering what was a matter with it. But through that area and a little bit beyond it was almost exactly like fall on the East Coast....the reds, oranges, yellows & very pretty. Once we got past Toronto and further north it turned to more yellows and oranges. It was more like the Midwest (sort of).....they had more of the farming area but not necessarily the same way that the Midwest has like huge areas to farm. There were also lots of was kind of funny because we were just surrounded by trees the further north & west we went. As we were driving we stopped at the town where the train -- the one that the Polar Express book and movie was based off f. Now had we realized that it actually still runs we would have maybe held off a day or two so that we could have taken the boys up there because Little N would have LOVED being on the train. But we didn't know that what no longer runs is the special Polar Express ride that has the dining car and those special touches. I guess maybe next time.  As we were driving we saw tons of signs for moose crossing....we kept on waiting for a moose to cross (just because it would make for a cool story -- Yeah we went to Canada and saw a moose.....however I'd be freaking out if we actually saw one!)  We also encounter construction.....I guess they were trying to finish up their construction before winter came. We finally also made good on our promise to try to take the boys hiking more often. We needed to make a stop and it was close to sunset so we made this quick little loop hiking. Little N was so excited that he basically walked the whole way in the woods. He was so proud of himself. After our hike we walked back to our car -- and I got lost.....with Little M. I was freaking out and thankfully John found me and we were reunited (even though I was lost for probably like 4 minutes). We drove some more and instead of the hike making Little N sleepy it made him WIRED.....oh my goodness....he wouldn't shut up until we got into Thunder bay and went to sleep at the hotel! I have no idea what made him so hyper!

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