Saturday, October 23, 2010

Little N reading

So I get an e-mail like once a month or sometime more often telling me what is up with Little N.....and this week it was.....preschoolers are primed for reading so read to them.  Well I don't have a problem with worrying that Little N isn't on track....he's always asking John or I to read him a story....sometimes when we are in the middle of something that needs to be done at that secondso we aren't able to read to him then but he loves his books....he's been actually remembering some of the stories that we read and just randomly quoting them which is very cute! :-) He has also decided that instead of his adorable smile that he gives naturally that now he has to give this cheesy (corny) annoying smile....he'll tell me....."Mommy, I have to smile now.....okay mommy....take my picture!" UGH!!!  I hate those types of smiles!!

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