Monday, October 4, 2010

Playing around Lake Superior

Way back before I had my Canon.....we went to Lake Superior, we went hiking and camping. It was beautiful and we got some gorgeous pictures with my old camera. Well we haven't been back through Lake Superior since we moved to Cooperstown. We also wanted to go do some hiking and exploring around the area....get Little N and Little M excited about hiking and just being out in nature. So we hiked and saw some waterfalls, we went to see Split Rock Lighthouse, and Gooseberry falls. We stopped where there were tons of rocks (can't remember the to come and you can name where we stopped) but Little M loved to pick up the rocks and throw them into the water. He was so happy!! Everyone had a blast either hiking, exploring or taking pictures! I took over 100 pictures in one day and have learned that I need to get a filter for my lens to block out the sun. Lots of pictures were just not as memorable as what I remembered it being!

1 comment:

  1. Love the pics...looks like you had so much fun...Mom/Linda


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