Tuesday, August 3, 2010

VBS Day 2

We had our second day of VBS....the little boys and I woke up and went over to church to listen to the singing  & to hear what Sailor Jack was up to and what silly stuff he had been doing.  After the singing we went with the preschool kids to hear the bible story that Mary Beth was doing.  I have to say Mary Beth is probably one of the most imaginative and just loves to create things to illustrate her points.  One of today's stories was the story of how Paul was on a boat and there was a storm and they had to swim to the shoreline of Malta.....when they got to Malta Paul was bitten by a viper and the islanders thought that he was going to die and he didn't.....so the islanders were willing to listen to Paul's testimony.  It really made an impact on Little N because he didn't like the fact that Mary Beth got bit by a snake....throughout the day Little N would ask if she was okay.  It was very sweet!  After we finished listening to the bible story we went down and watched the kids assemble the craft for the day which was a sailboat that would float on water.  After they finished making it they took it to the pool and had sailboat races.  When Little N was done watching the races we went back inside and asked if we could have the yummy snack....which was jello & whipped cream with a Nilla wafer & sour gummy worm (to relate back to the story of paul).  Little N gobbled that up! :-)  Then we sat under our trees and watched the kids play games with John.  Then Little N decided it would be fun to climb a tree. (click on the link)  It was a fun day that wore both Little N & Little M!

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