Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A picnic, the zoo & pictures galore!

So got to go on a picnic with Kim & Ole (plus her family).....great food and great company.  There was the coolest bridge where we ate but after being on it (AND John jumping on it while I was on it....didn't think it was all that cool anymore!)  Got to go to the zoo.  I think G & S will TOTALLY love it once they are a little bit older.  Little N loved it and this year actually wanted to feed the goats.....what has happened to my little boy.....he is getting so brave and adventurous around animals.  (I love it!)  After the zoo we went back to Kim & Ole's house where I got to take pictures (to my hearts content of Miss S.....I love this girl....she super snugglie and just a love).  Plus got to take pictures of Little N and G playing's fun seeing how Little N interacts with little kids and especially his cousins.  He also go to hold Miss S which was SO funny!  After I got to take my pictures it was time for us to leave to head back home which was sad and good all at the same time. 

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