Sunday, August 22, 2010

Alexi's Bridal Shower

I have been out in CT since Tuesday with only Little M.  It's been fun seeing Little M as an "only child" (he's not really a fan of it). Today we had my sister's bridal shower....we have been planning it for a while and we had one big surprise that we were keeping from Alexi.....I just couldn't get excited for the shower because I knew I would spill the beans.  Alexi was the NOSIEST person when it came to the shower....she wanted to know what was going on and everything.  Fortunately I just finally decided to tell her that everything was going to be horrible and no one was coming.  (It worked she stopped asking)  We told her that she wasn't allowed to come home on Friday night (because we were setting up - also to keep our surprise a well surprise).  Alexi got there right as people were getting there visiting and chatting with people.  It was then when we pulled out the surprise.  Our Tante Jewel had flown in from Minneapolis to help represent the Rogness family for Alexi's shower.  Alexi was SO shocked to see was great! :-)  Alexi had a wonderful shower....lots of people came to shower her with love and she was fortunate that ALL of her bridesmaids were able to come to the shower (she has bridesmaids in North Dakota, California, Massachusetts, New York right now Maine & Connecticut)  We have a picture of almost all the bridesmaids (one had to leave early)! 
We had a short devotional for Alexi....I wrote the speech and was able to read it and say it without bursting into tears.  I was gonna give some snippets of it but I can't find it on my computer and Alexi has my copy of it. 
Mostly it was just talking about everything Alexi and Dave. Their favorite bible verses & what they like about each other. I am so excited that Alexi found her guy.....he is an awesome guy and I can't wait to welcome him into our crazy wonderful family. Dave you do realize that we get a little crazy and silly at times!!

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