Friday, April 16, 2010

HIT weekend!

Well it was a busy week for our family and on top of it a busy weekend!  Caristy worked as a substitute GYM teacher today! :-)  So much fun.....during one of my breaks I saw a kettle bell......WARNING......painful if you just start using it and swinging it.  (NO idea how the biggest loser contestants are able to work out as much as they are able to because tonight I WAS sore after swinging a 7 pound kettle bell for 20 times!!!) Thankfully I still have my voice at the end of the day (was a little nervous because......of trying to get everyone's attention when we were outside, cheering kids on, and just talking probably more than I'm used to!)  After school we took a bunch of people in the car with go to HIT (Hillcrest Invitational Tournament) we had SO much fun watch the games.  Litte N was in heaven watching the game and just was jabbering a mile a minute.  He also was VERY excited to play at Uncle Matt & Tante Judy's house......he found all the toys and also found a football......which he proceded to throw at Tante Judy many times!  Little M was happy to be in ANY one's arms but if he saw me and I was able to hold him.....then he was happiest.  Cooperstown had two "older team" - sophomores up to seniors in high school and a "younger team" - 7th grade on up.  It was slightly funny......a couple of the kids on the younger team came up to me before school to tell me that they weren't gonna be in gym class......I looked at them and said, oh......then they looked at me and said....yeah it's for your church basketball tournament (both teams were able to take 4 kids that weren't associated with hillcrest or the LB to play on our teams) just thought that was funny. Here are a couple of pictures from the one game we made it to on Friday. 

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