Friday, April 23, 2010

Fun day!!

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day!!!  Caristy had to work.....just a half day (as a gym teacher again)......but got to enjoy the outdoors as she worked.....which sadly caused her to get a sunburn (because she forgot to put on sunscreen - sporting a pretty nice farmers tan right now!) After school we made our first trip to the park with the boys (of the season).....Little N was a little nervous about going down the slide but loved the digger, horses & swings!  When we got back home we enjoyed the sun some more and played outside......Little N's little head started to look red so I FORCED him to wear his cute hat that I got him.....he wasn't much of a fan so when he went inside with John he came back with something else....we just had to laugh!!  Little M cuddled with me on the hammock and just took a sweet little nap! What a wonderful day!!

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