Wednesday, August 5, 2009

8/5 - VBS Day 3

Well it was our last day of VBS. They talked about the journey that the Israelites wandering around, and then also Jesus' death and what it means for us. We had yummy jello and fishes to represent the crossing of the red sea. Games they played Octopus Tag.....they had to run after the person with a tube and get the tentacles off the Octopus. Little N was a little sad and very confused when all the kids disappeared under the big fabric. Then in the afternoon even though it wasn't very hot they had a water balloon fight. It's amazing how fast a water balloon fight can get over. It's one of the things Kids look forward to every year! We practiced for the closing program that night.....we practiced our skit of This Little Light of mine....where we had a kid pretend to be Satan and blow out all the kids light minus one and then she lit everyone else light back up. Pretty neat!! We also at the end of the day had a VERY special surprise. There was a juggler who performed for us and then afterwards gave each of the kids a balloon critter (sword, animal, hat, heart, etc) it was pretty neat to watch. Little N loved it! At first the guy made Little N a hat but it came apart so he made Little N a dog!

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