Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wagon Train Fun!!

John was asked to do a vow renewal for a couple that were doing a wagon train. We weren't exactly sure what was involved in this so John told me that Nik and I weren't able to come. He then calls me up and tell me that yes we are able to come but we had to grab clothes for him too....he was dressed up in itchy black hot suit and his overcoat. When he got there he was told that he could have come dressed in jeans and a plaid or cowboy shirt. So we go out there Nik in his little cowboy outfit and me in my long flowing dress and a top that thankfully fit. I felt that I had stepped into a different era. There were covered wagons, the food was made over the fire, the women were cranking homemade butter it was just amazing. We met the couple who was doing the vow renewal and I offered to take pictures for them. (Just figured when will I have another opportunity to do that?) Unfortunately they wanted their vow renewal done by the it didn't quite have that old time feeling....I wish they had decided to do it by their covered wagon but they didn't want it to be witnessed by everyone on the wagon train.....which I guess I can understand. It was such an interesting day! :-) Little N got to sit on top of a horse....he also went up and put his arms out to be held by the guy who was holding him to show him the horse.....which just shocked both John and I!! :-)

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