Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cattle Shots & moving the cattle to pasture!

John was asked to help round up cattle and help keep the cattle down while the Vet administered the shots so he woke up early and helped with all the work. Little N and I slept in (we were both fighting a cold) then came out there to help take pictures and watch the process of moving cattle from the holding pin to the pasture that they were gonna graze in. It was so interesting to watch. Little N and I drove in a pick up with the Vet and then took pictures (I was thankful that I didn't have to walk and carry Little N plus try to take pictures....I wouldn't have made it!! But it was so interesting to watch the dog (she's definitely a herding dog and knows her job!!) She would chase after the cows and make sure they were going in the same direction that we wanted them too.....some of the cows snapped back at her which I so wish that my camera was fast enough to capture but the pictures turned out all blurry! :-( Little N was so fascinated by the whole process and was mooing whenever he heard the cows moo. It was so cute!! Even now as he looks at these pictures he'll moo!! :-) Everyone did a great job and after we were finished getting the cattle to pasture we had a DELICIOUS meal of pasta and bread, watermelon and strawberry shortcake! YUMMY!!! :-) Nathan wanted to get a picture like they would in the old times.....standing up in a line and not smiling. So I got the shot and then made it even into an old time picture!! :-)

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  1. Coolll shot Care! I love that you made it vintage!


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