Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Chinese Food, 5 little kids and 8 parents!!

Little N refused to take a nap and just as we were about to leave the church conks out. Fortunately John had some errands that he had to do run around the church to do....but STILL wasn't long enough! :-( We were invited to go to the Chinese buffet in town with a bunch of friends. We get there and Little N is SUPER clingy and SUPER out of sorts! So I walk to get Little N and MY food then we sit down and he does okay until he sees mommy and daddy use the chop sticks....then he wants them! UGH....okay FINE!!! Then Caristy leaves to go get something to drink.....Little N THROWS a FIT!! SO I move Little N next to John.....umm.....that doesn't work.....he wants to be back in his spot! :-( Then he sees on of the little guys eating ice cream and SCREAMS and throws a fit because he wants ice cream now! :-( SO to say the chinese buffet was fun....would sadly be a lie! :-( Fortunately we were invited back over to one of their houses and we got to visit and Little N was a LITTLE better! :-)

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  1. That would be my feelings as well! Except I had 2 kids!!! It was fun to go to D&M's afterward though!
    -Emily D.


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