Thursday, June 25, 2009

The battle of wills!!

John set up the tent to take Little N camping (in our backyard). We had a busy day of going for a bike ride and playing in our little pool. So when it was time for Little N to go to bed he was good and tired. Caristy brought him in the tent to show him where he'd be sleeping around 9:20 pm. Then we went back out....I didn't want him playing in the tent! Then John took Nik out for bed. I was working on something listening out the window to see how the guys were doing. I wondered who would win in the battle of see this was the first time that Little N had very tried sleeping not being in a pack and play, or a crib.....those are his safety put him down in one of those and for the most part he's out in two seconds flat. 9:45 passes and I can still hear Little N jumping around and playing in the tent. 10:00 passes and I hear Little N still talking and John telling him to lay down. 10:15 still hear jibber jabbers from Little N. Then finally at 10:30 I hear silence. John won in the battle of the wills!! (He was almost ready to give up though!!) However two people crawl into the house at 6 am and start to jump on the bed. Way to early!! UGH!! Little N and I tried to cuddle, we watched Little Einstein videos (which I never do......), we had breakfast and then finally Little N had enough.....he ran to his room and tried to get into his crib!! So we slept for a while and then when we both woke up we were both happier people. I haven't had a two nap baby in a very long time so it was strange for Little N to need two naps! :-) John told me that Little N and John won't be camping out for a while!! (A little nervous about how this will translate when we move Little N to his twin bed!) Hmmm.....we will see!!

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