Saturday, August 9, 2008


We woke up at Lexi's apartment (which surprisingly I felt was quieter than where I live! We have the "highway" traffic that comes through at night!) and decided to go into NYC. We took the train in and then took a subway! It was Little N's first time on a train and subway! Little N was just fascinated with the train & subway....he just stared as they went by us! When we got into New York City we went start to MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) it was so cool....Lexi and I went specifally to look at the photography portion of the museum (sadly we weren't very impressed!) Little N was not at all impressed with the museum and took a nap. After we went to the museum we walked around....went into Tiffany's (such pretty pieces of jewelry!) and then decided to go to FAO SCHWARZ. Little N had a blast playing with Tante Lexi (they could have been in there all day!! We left the little place where Little N could just play and headed off to see the dreaded stuffed animals. For some odd reason Little N doesn't like stuffed is the funniest thing to do.....put him in front of a stuffed animal and watch him panic and squeal! We just sat with the big overstuffed teddy bears for probably a 1/2 hour just watching Little N squeal! It was so funny! (Yes there are alot of pictures from FAO SCHWARZ but I tried to cut down and it was SO hard!!) I love NYC.....I love the buildings, the things to do and just being able to people watch! I wish that we had more time there but after the toy store we left because we needed to get back to CT.

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