Monday, August 11, 2008


So today was going to be the best day! John was coming! But because of bad weather he couldn't land and his flight from Newark to Bradley got cancelled! (This was a very stressful day trying to figure out how to get John or trying to figure out what needed to be done because I was also trying to help out taking care of some of my cousin's kids figuring out the logistics of how to get John, plus taking some kids, plus driving in POURING rain!! It wasn't a fun day!!)Thankfully someone from one of my dad's office was able to drive John to Danbury and I was able to pick him up there. I wish I had taken pictures of John and Little N when John was so priceless!! Little N just stared and grinned when he saw his daddy. When we put him in the carseat he cranked his head to make sure that his daddy didn't leave. He fell asleep that way too. Once we got back to my parents house we drove to Outback Steak house to celebrate Rich's Birthday. Instead of getting sung to and having a dessert....Uncle Rich decided that feeding Little N ice cream was a better idea. Little N loved that idea and gobbled up the ice cream.

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