Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Rich!!

For Rich's birthday he wanted to go Deep Sea Fishing! (If you are thinking that Caristy fished you have another thing coming to you!! Another thing that was surprising was that my cell phone worked so I was talking to Rachel and she also was surprised that I was deep sea fishing!) Fortunately they let me on the boat so I could hang out with everyone and take pictures. From our group I think 5 fish were caught (one was a shark which they couldn't keep and the another one got away!!). Don't ask if my dear brother caught a fish.....because that would be a resounding NO!! (Sorry Rich!) But I think that we can say that everyone had a great time on the boat! I loved being on the boat enjoying the people, the water and the light houses!! So pretty!! I could have been on that boat for probably 3 days just enjoying the water! Dave was dared to put bait in his he did it and everyone was grossed out especially the boat crew! Really funny!!

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