Sunday, August 17, 2008

Little N's 1st Birthday Party at the Pond!

So Little N's birthday party was today. The morning of the party he was running a temperature and just wasn't himself! So my mom and I ran to my old peditrican's office to see what it could be. Meanwhile John had to do my cousin's daughter's baptism. So I was torn! :-) Turned out that Little N was okay no ear infection just keep him comfortable with tylenol and motrin. So we made it to church....just in time for the baptism. Then we rushed around getting ready for the birthday party!! We had was just a strange day because Little N was just not acting normal....he was really snuggly with everyone and that's not normal. He loved his cupcake and the top part (vanilla part) of the ice cream cake!! (Any idea of why they have a chocolate ice cream on the bottom. I think it would take even better with vanilla on top and bottom with the chocolate crunchies in the middle!) All in all it was a great day even though Little N wasn't feeling good!! So glad that Little N is 1!

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