Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Since we were all finally all in CT we decided to run some errands. We went to Swedes (a jewelry store), and a bunch of other places. While we were at Swedes we got a phone call from my cousin. So we hurried to my grandma's house to help her take care of the kids. John decided to take all the kids outside to run around. {Fun Fact, did you know that poison ivy grows on vines? Well out in CT it does. John not knowing that saw a vine wrapped around a apple tree and decided to start pulling it off. Well needless to say he got HORRIBLE POISON IVY!! (Which didn't appear until the next day!)} After helping out with the kids we ran home and then rushed off to Josh and Julie's to hang out and enjoy their company! Little L had a ballon that Little N was enthralled in. :-) Another FUN Fact: Whatever Little N had while at Josh and Julie's Little L would go over to Little N and take it from him. Little L could have 3 balls in his hands and if Little N had a ball he would come over and take it. We had ice cream for dessert and Little L shared with his daddy....well Little N had his own little bowl of ice cream and when Little L saw that he came over to Little N to have his bowl. It was VERY CUTE! Those boys play so cute together!

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