Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Homemade ICE CREAM!!

We went over to the Lunde Farm to celebrate a birthday (more on that later) & to also make some homemade ice cream which is a Lunde tradition. They usually vary between chocolate & vanilla. This time it happened to be vanilla which happened to my favorite of the two & so I went about documenting the whole ice cream making experience!! It was so YUMMY looking and both Caristy & John helped! (Caristy not as much because turning the handle was hard & she's a wimp!!) Here are the pictures! :-) Yummy!! Man after this post I really want to have some ice cream!
#1: Get out the ice bucket
#2: Crush the ice
#3: Dump the ice in a cooler
#4: Put the ice cream mixture in ice bucket; pour ice & rock salt around ice cream container.
#5: Crank the ice cream at a constant pace
#6: Take out the churner and scrap off the ice cream
(eating some to make sure it's okay)

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  1. This brings back such good memories for me living in Cooper. We used to make ice cream like that for parties and events too at the church. I hope you got to enjoy some of it! It was great to see pictures of the Lunde's. We definately want to come to Cooper to see you, so we'll keep in touch and make sure it's workable around your baby's birth.


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