Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Ban of my existence!

In all of Caristy's life she has never had any ticks on her EVER!! I have lived in a wooded area most of my life, had dogs that had ticks but I have never gotten them. We've gone camping, explored in the woods nothing! We move to ND and what happens?!? I go into a grass field to take pictures of people jumping off the bridge and I had 10 ticks on me! (Not attached) It was so gross.....we got home and I had John check me to make sure I didn't have any ticks on me (a little paranoid maybe, but when your husband has already had Lyme's disease you can never be to paranoid) and changed clothes. Was updating my blog when I came across what felt like a scab in my forehead near my hairline, it was a TICK! It was the GROSSIEST thing ever....thankfully John pulled it out and took care of it for me. It was so nasty.......after that I felt like they were all over me!


  1. I am so sorry! When I told the boys that you had 10 ticks they said, "after you have one, you always feel like you've got one on you." I guess they are right!

  2. Memories of life in the midwest! I can't say that we miss the mosquitoes and woodticks! Just try to avoid the grassy and wooded areas...and have an enjoyable summer!

  3. That's pretty disgusting -especially the picture!


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