Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday Drive around the Northern Tip of Taiwan

We decided to take a day trip up to the Northern Tip of Taiwan.  We just got in the car and started driving.  Lots of beautiful things to see as we were driving around.  We stopped in one area and we found that they had a public bath area (similar to the ones you find in Japan.) but with the kids we didn't want to try it.  So instead we took a walk around and hiked to see the two "candlesticks" in the ocean.  We had fun but there were a lot of people around. We also all got sunburnt because we didn't realize that we were gonna be gone that long and forgot the sunscreen in the car. It was still a beautiful day and so much fun.

A cute little puppy! (Possibly a stray or just an outdoor dog. Not really sure!) 

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