Thursday, June 20, 2013

Little N's class graduation train trip

Today was a special day for Little N's classmates and him.  They all got to go on a train ride around some of the Taiwan for their graduation from kindergarten.  Little N is staying one more year at the school so for him it was more of a time to be with everyone he had been in class with for the last 1 1/2 years.  
We woke up and took the train to meet everyone.  Little N was so excited and so were all his classmates.  We got to have a whole train all for Little N's classmates, teachers, and families.  Our first stop was to go to Miaoli station and once to we arrived there we walked to a train museum.  It was very interesting and I think it's a place we would like to go back to because we didn't have much time to see everything.  
After getting back on the train we stopped at Houli to go to a horse ranch/amusement area.  We had games and activities for the kids to do and we got to rent a motorized bike for all of us to ride.  We had lots of fun while we were there.  We also learned that Little N's principal grew up in Houli and her family still lives there. 
Our next stop was to go to Changhua where we got to see a working fan shaped train depot.  The kids and parents were all impressed by how the turntable worked and just watching the trains come into to get serviced.  Surprisingly we were allowed to be around when the trains came in to the yard and went into the depot. The boys were impressed and were excited to see how everything worked.  
Our last thing of the day was to enjoy a train ride up the ocean coastline and that's when the kids got their diplomas or certificate of participation.  None of the kids were really tired and they were all VERY hyper from all the candy and food that was handed out throughout the day.  We had a blast! 

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