Saturday, June 8, 2013

N's Swim show and a farewell party to friends

This morning we had Little N's swimming show.  All the kindergarten classes got together and showed how far they have come with their swim classes and lessons.  I was very proud of Little N because he swam for everyone, and then he actually went up to one of his swim teachers and requested to be thrown in the water (after he watched two of his other friends and classmates).  He has improved with his swimming so much in a  year and a 1/2 and we are very proud of him.
 Swimming to the other side of the pool. 
 Manning his dragon boat. 
 Being thrown into the water by his swim teacher!  I was shocked and proud he actually let her throw him in the water.
 The little kiddos wrestling each other while they waited for Little N. 
 After the business of the swim show we went home and took a short nap.  After the nap we started our journey up to Yangmei to say our farewells to some friends that we have gotten to know since we moved here to Taiwan.  It was a yummy barbeque and oh my goodness did we eat A LOT of delicious food.

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