Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Waiting for the plane in Tokyo

Our second flight from Detroit to Tokyo was a long flight made even longer with an hour sitting on the tarmac trying to make some repairs.  Unfortunately Little H didn't travel as well on the long flight, but still traveled amazing for being only 13 months old.  She got a little antsy at the end and just wanted to walk and play instead of sit in my arms, but no screaming or crying.  Thankfully when we got to Tokyo we got through customs just fine and we were able to walk around exploring.  We got called to board early because I had Little H.  As soon as I got into the area to board the plane I saw the most beautiful sunset ever but before I could get a picture of it a lady wanted to check my luggage and shoes and everything.  But she said I could take pictures if I wanted to.  I tried to get pictures but didn't get what I wanted just because she was checking my shoes and I was distracted.  This flight was full and thankfully both Little H and I traveled awesome.  We fell asleep in the air and slept for a long time.  When we woke up, thankfully right when beverage service was coming around so I filled up on milk and they gave us food to eat.  I am always impressed with the service that the air stewardesses and stewards give, always kind and polite when sometime people just aren't that nice.  We arrived in Taipei and it took awhile to get our luggage but finally we were able to get out and find John and the boys.  The boys were so excited to see me but mostly super excited to see Little H.  I wish I had taken pictures but I was so tired that I didn't even think about taking pictures of their reunion.  The boys wouldn't let go of Little H's hand and the boys had so much to tell me and basically the whole drive home was nonstop talking from everyone.  It was nice to be back home and feel missed and loved. 

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