Saturday, March 2, 2013

A busy fun day!

This weekend was the home show and for the past week my sister and my mom have been getting the booth ready for the home show.  My whole family was getting ready for this event.  I was asked to help take pictures which was was happy to do.  Then the thing I was going to take pictures of didn't go expected and my sister was told that she could just go home and relax a little bit.  So instead of going to the home show we want to my sister's house to hang out.  We took pictures while we were there and I got to take her maternity pictures, something I was so excited to do because I really didn't think I would get to have that opportunity.  I'm waiting for her to tell me which ones I can share but I'm happy with the pictures. Then after being at Lexi's house mom dropped me off at Josh and Julie's house so we could hang out some with Little H's godparents.  We had fun just chatting and visiting.  Little H was so excited to have two little boys to play with right around the same age as her brothers.  I really think that she misses her brothers.  She also absolutely loved Josh.  She would keep running up to him to have him play with her and entertain her.  I think that Josh looked enough like John (dark hair, etc.) that she wanted to be around him.  It was a perfect day spent with family & friends.
 Guys I want to go outside to play with Finny!! 
 Okay...Uncle D will do!  I like playing with him! 
Grandma's are great for snuggles! 

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