Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Lantern Festival

As soon as we got back from the states we had to take Little N to school.  I think he wasn't very sure that we were going to be back when he came back from school.  So we sat in the car while John took Little N to school.  After Little N was done with school we went to the Lantern Festival which was located in the next town over in Jhubei.  It was pretty neat to see but I'm guessing it will be the only time we will see the Lantern Festival unless it's near us.
Basically it was an area that displayed beautifully created and designed lanterns.  During the day it was pretty neat to see but like John said nothing special but once it got dark that's when the lantern got really interesting being lit from inside.  We had a blast just taking pictures of them all.
 The statue dressed in gold was actually a person.  It was kind of creep once we realized it was moving and it was a person.  I love the lanterns with the sunsetting.  I also loved the water show with the sun hitting it.
 I missed my family and it was great to have all of us together again.  Little H and I struggled with jetlag but we had fun.  Litte

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