Saturday, March 23, 2013

A surprise baby shower and birthday party for two sweet girls!

One of my dear friends is expecting a baby.  She knew that it was a baby girl so we decided to surprise her with a baby shower.  It was wonderful minus the whole someone spilling the beans before the shower was going to take place.  I was part of the reason it was a surprise because we were gonna go get ice cream and watch a movie.  Then to get her to the apartment my other friend told her that I was running late so could she stop over her house to look at some baby clothes.  When she got there she was very surprised and I'm pretty sure her heart was full....her love language is gifts and she was just beaming and glowing as she was opening up her presents realizing that everyone there loved her enough that she got a gift from them all.  So happy for my friend and can't wait to meet this little girl. 
 Then later on we were invited to E and H's birthday parties.  It was a great birthday....H does a great job entertaining all the kids and teaching them all sorts of games.  All the kids were incredible sad when it was time to go because they were having so much fun.  Happy birthday girls!!
 Happy Birthday E and H!  We love you!! 
 Kris made the coolest birthday cake.  It was a rainbow cake and the layers inside the cake were amazing.  I was just amazed at how well the cake turned out and how yummy it was! (Mostly because I'm not sure I'd be able to create that type of cake!)

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