Monday, September 3, 2012

Our last full day in CT

Today was a hard day for me!  We had packed up our stuff the days before so that we could just spend time with family.  Which we did!  I loved the time we spent with family but I was so sad because I knew after today I wouldn't be seeing them for at another year and a half.  But I pushed it aside and got ready for adventure.  Thankfully Monday was a holiday so everyone had off.  First we went to Ender's state forest and walked around, then we went to the pond and played and then we ate a meal together with my grandma and the whole family.  It was the perfect end to a nice month spent in America.  I am so thankful we got to go home and see both sides of our family.  Family is what is what I miss most about being over in Taiwan but I am so thankful for technology that brings us together and helps us keep in touch!  Thank you guys for taking time to spend time with us and just loving on my kids.  We love and miss you!
Family of 4 plus dog on their first hike together. 
 I love and miss the pond!  We had so much fun playing here this last two weeks! 
 Oh my goodness....I miss this little guy so much!  He is such a little sweetheart and can't believe how much I'm missing of his little life! I just want to give him so many kisses and hugs right now! 
 Rich, you are going to be a great dad to two awesome boys!  I love how in love you are with your son!  I wish I could watch you as you raise this little guy!  I guess next time I'm around I will get that chance! 

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