Tuesday, September 18, 2012

More outdoor fun

 Do you like Little H's face!  She has started to get into trouble...pulling herself up on things to try and stand on stuff.  Unfortunately she is not the steadiest on her feet so she has a tendency to fall.  The other day her face met at bookshelf and gave her a nice cut on her face.  Hopefully this won't be a sign of things to come.  Oh dear my little adventurous one!
In our apartment complex is a community area.....we have a pool area, two playgrounds, some grass space, etc.  We like it and there is a little bit of space for the kids to run around and ride their bikes to get off some excess energy!  Except for when your oldest child has Stitches and you are afraid he is going to split them up again.  Thankfully nothing happened except for excess energy being burnt off -- no injuries happened today!

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