Saturday, April 7, 2012

Little N's Easter Program

Little N had his Easter program at school today. Before he had his program he got to do three activities - making a necklace, going on an Easter egg hunt & making a Easter bunny project. Almost all the activities had to do with sharing the gospel.  The necklace was telling the story of Christ using the beads (red, black, white, green & yellow) and then he needed to find the Easter "eggs" in those colors.  The rabbit was a fun activity because you made it and then when it was done you could blow threw the straw and a ball would float above the rabbits head.  We were a little nervous that he wouldn't get up on stage and perform.  Thankfully he did a good job playing the tambourine and standing up with his class.  We are very thankful for the school that Little N attends and the teachers that interact with him.  He's learning Chinese and interacting with other kids which he likes. (Video of his performance coming soon!)

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  1. Nik you had some great pics....thank you....grandma O.


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