Friday, April 20, 2012

A sandy beach

John goes on bike rides with another guy and as they were riding around they found a sandy beach, which we have no found many of.  He decided to take us all to the beach to check it out.  While we were there it was low tide and it took forever to get to the water.  What was fun and interesting was the way that the crabs crawled out from their homes in the sand.  We saw little round balls all around the beach which the crabs had made as they were digging their way out of the sand.  The boys had a blast playing in the sand and the water, they weren't really a fan of the ocean but really liked the water that got left when the tide went out.  While we were there two guys rode by on horseback.  We still aren't exactly sure how they go there.
 The crab ball design!
 I love that you can see their reflection in the water and you can actually see the colors too. 
 Throwing mud into the ocean! 
 The horses riding by!

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