Monday, April 30, 2012

A beach day

After picking Little N from school we decided to go to the beach.  This might be a never ending theme on this blog for the next coming months, sorry!  We haven't found many sandy beaches in Taiwan and most people don't use them except to fish or go crabbing.  They don't necessarily go to the beach to go build sandcastles and dig holes.  As a result the beaches here aren't always the cleanest find all sorts of things, mannequin heads, bottles, styrofoam, etc.
We still like coming to the beach because you by the water so you get a breeze which helps with the high humidity (at least in Caristy's mind) and you can be outside enjoying the outdoors without complaining about the hot weather.  When it gets to warm you walk into the ocean really quick to cool off.  We enjoy coming to the beach so much so that we bought a beach tent, those half covered tents, so that we can have Little H protected from the sun and sand. We are enjoying the beach and even our new little friends that we find as we dig our holes.
 Little N has a new hair do because on Saturday he decided to cut his own hair. Cutting it pretty short was the only  way to fix his hair. 
 John proud that he found his "friend".
 The boys digging in the sand. 
 Meet our little friend - Mr. Crab
 Holes to play in and make a mess in! 
 Staring at the water making sure it didn't get to close! 

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