Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lion's Head Mountain a hiking adventure

Today was a day where most people had the day off from work, school, etc.  Over here it was a public holiday for tomb sweeping.  People go back and sweep their ancestors tombs.  I don't understand everything about the holiday just that we had a day  to go on an adventure and so did our friends.
We decided to make a day of going up to Lion's head mountain and hike around.  We were a combination of adults and kids, boy was it fun to just go out into nature and explore.  We all (I hope) had a blast. I hope that we are able to do it again.
 Little H is not in many pictures when we got hiking because I am usually carrying her around in front of me.  Poor girl!  However she does seem to be a daddy's girl!
 Our hiking crew.  We got lots of funny looks as were walking along and thankfully the kids did a great job and no one got hurt.

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