Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Taroko National Park

Today we woke up and went to explore Taroko National Park.  We went on two different hikes - one hiking up the mountain around some temples and then the other around some water and beautiful nature.  We had so much fun exploring the area.  Taroko National Park has so many areas that you can explore.  At times there can be a lot of people around but once you get past certain areas you can feel like you are by yourself.
We walked on several suspension bridges and thankfully John and Ole were able to help get Little N & M across because Caristy had a hard time going across those bridges.
I loved the water as we were walking around!  So beautiful!
 The boys enjoyed spending time with their grandma and Uncle Ole.  Linda found it so humorous that they used a mannequin to warn others of construction.

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