Thursday, March 22, 2012

Journeying back to Hsinchu

It was our last day on the East Coast of the Island.  We went to a natural hot spring that people had then carved a "pool area" to relax and enjoy the natural heat of the water.  That water was super hot.  We couldn't sit in it so we just dipped our toes in the water occasionally. John and Ole were able to sit in the water but even they couldn't stay in there too long.  The area around the hot spring was absolutely gorgeous.  There was a river flowing right near it and so you could sit in the river which was a little bit cooler then the actual hot spring people had made. Getting to the area was an adventure - going down steps, then going across a suspension bridge and then going down more step.  It was a little nerve-wrecking getting there and then leaving the area.  But I was so glad that we could go there.
After we left the hot springs we started our journey back home taking the cross island highway.  When you think highway you think going 60 to 70 mph well that was not the case.  We were maybe going 24 to 35 mph (usually even less then that) as were going through the mountains.  The road was very narrow usually able to handle 2 cars but sometime only able to handle 1 1/2 cars.  We at times were a little nervous.  We also got to drive on switchbacks (a word that I learned driving on these mountain roads) and wow it was SO beautiful just driving around and seeing the majestic mountains and just how the vegetation changed the higher we got up the mountains.  I loved driving through the mountains but there was lots of danger -- "running" into cars, landslides, the twists and turns of driving on the mountain roads.  But I think we would go on the cross island highway again.  We enjoyed the journey.
I like the random shoes just left in the parking lot.
Family Picture - Little N wouldn't cooperate!
 So we did a sad face family picture
 John and Ole climbing the top of a mountain
 And coming down the other side of the mountain! 
After the cross island highway we quick stopped at Sun Moon Lake which is called the honeymoon hot spot. Very similar to Niagara Falls. Soon Moon Lake has so much that you can do -- boating, biking, swimming, para sailing, etc.  It's a nice area but not necessarily an area that you would go to if you wanted to get away from people and into nature.  It's a tourist trap and it is a nice area.  After all the driving we went home and just vegged on the couch.  Pretty sure John needed to not think about driving after all the driving he did.

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  1. Yes, good the pictures....thanks for sharing.


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