Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Why hello grandma!!

We woke up early in the morning.  As Little N said -- Mommy we woke up before the sun woke up.  Flew out and the only times we had difficulties was when we were ascending and descending (Little M would just cry because his ears would hurt and refused to nurse).  But otherwise we did great flying for almost all morning.  We got into the Bradley and got to see Grandma.  Little N and M were SO excited to see her.  We did a couple of errands and then drove to pick up B to get him to soccer practice.  Little N was SO SO SO happy to see B.   We played and ran around Hartland School while we waited for soccer to be done.  I wish that we had soccer available to us around our area. 


  1. I've seen little kids practicing soccer and having games at the elementary school near us...but maybe not in Cooperstown?...Linda

  2. More so the Cooperstown not having it!


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