Saturday, September 4, 2010

Little M is one

My dear Mikah -

One year ago you were have one of the most unique birth stories in the world (at least for 2009).  You see your mommy had a c-section with Little N and was determined to avoid having another c-section we were always worried and kept on hearing that you were breach for the whole pregnancy.....the last visit to the doctor we found out that you had turned and so we were on schedule for a vbac.  On September 3 your little buddy Little E was born and my friend Josh told me that you could be born the same day so that you guys shared a birthday.  That didn't happen but it could have....I started having contractions (which I never had experienced before) around 2:30 am they started getting progressively worse until we decided to call the hospital and were told to go to the hospital (which was an 1 1/2 hours away) so we left called up your Grandma Dalene at 5:30 am (6:30 her time) to tell what was going on....she had already booked her flight for the next week because that was gonna be your induction date so she quickly changed her flight itinerary for later that day.  We dropped off your brother at 7 am to your grandpa Olson's house and headed to the hospital.  By that point you had decided to just stay put and not do anything.  The nurses quick checked me and had me walk around for an hour (which is a long time to just be walking around the halls)!  Went back to my room and the nurses checked me and are fine nothing is gonna happen just go home and we will see you for your induction day.  Your daddy drove me to your parents house and your daddy told his dad & grandpa that it was just false labor and that nothing was gonna happen (which ticked off your mommy let me tell you -- just to let you know when you are a husband you never say that to your wife or in front of your wife!) We both took a nap and then at 12:30 went to go pick up Little N from Annie's house.  We picked up Little N at 1 pm and my contractions started happening, Daddy went to a couple of banks to get some coins and then we went to the park so that way Little N could play while we waited to pick up your Grandma Dalene.  We left the park at 2:30 pm and picked up your grandma for the airport.  To pass the time we stopped at Hobby Lobby where we picked up some fabric so that Grandma could make Little N some blankets and you some burp clothes....while we were in Hobby Lobby that was when the contractions got pretty bad and hard.  Some of the ladies realized that I was in labor and wanted to make sure I was okay.....grandma paid for her items and we got back in the car.  At that point I think I transitioned.....we talked about going to get some food because it was 4 pm and none of us had eaten and with the contractions the way they were we wanted to make sure that everyone had food before we got to the hospital.  So John started getting nervous....he called the hospital and the nurses wanted to talk to me.  I didn't want to go in just to be told that I wasn't ready so I didn't want to talk to them (I was being stubborn) we were told to come in and on the way we went through the drive thru at Culver's.....John asked me if I wanted any food and I didn't but wanted to get an frozen drink.  We had to wait in the line for a little bit and things got UBER intense for me and I started to yell and just want to find an position to get some relief.  Finally food came and we made it to the hospital.  Unfortunately both times I went to the hospital I had to check in through the ER because it was to early or to late.  They had me sign in and thankfully the nurse that had seen me that morning came down asking if I wanted a wheelchair or if I could walk.  I really couldn't make up my mind and it was just so painful at the time that sometimes I wanted to stand and other times I wanted to sit.  So the nurse quickly got through the admission of me and wheeled me to the elevators.  The put me in a room and I had to quickly get undressed.  The nurse checked me and I was at a 9 which they were pretty impressed with.....I kept yelling that I had to go to the bathroom and I remember the nurse pushing me on the bed and saying that when someone starts yelling that they don't let a person go because that is an incorrect thought--usually that baby is on their way.  This is where EVERYTHING got a little scary.....they asked me if I wanted drugs and I said yup.....the dr. checked me and broke my water.  As soon as she broke my water she realized a bad and dangerous thing.....your head wasn't coming out were mom (your grandma) rushed Little N out of the room because contractions were pretty intense and there were ALOT of nurses and doctors in that room with me.  The doctor looked at me and said we are gonna try this BUT this is all on you (remember the saying yes to the drugs bit?  Well I didn't get them)!  She couldn't do any pulling or do anything to help and I had 10 minutes from the time your butt touched the air to get you out before there would be any danger.  Thankfully you were born with relative easy and you were perfectly healthy.  Your daddy says that c-sections are alot less gross then your birth was and would actually prefer to watch those!   As soon as you were out I was smiling and laughing.  It was SO different from when Little N was born.  I got to hold you and kiss you.  I also was able to walk relatively soon after having you and not feel too much pain.  It was pretty amazing.  You were named Mikah because it was the only name we could agree on after I threw out hundreds of names to your dad.  It was a fight to get the k (which I just thought would be a special way to link you and your brother).  Your middle name.....well it was in honor for two special little boys that I used to work with at a daycare.....they were SO polite and wonderful (it was one of the reason I wanted to have kids so I could raise them to be like them).  So that was the story of your one year from that day you have turned one.....I can't believe how quickly you have changed in grown in a year.  I pray that you will be a Godly man and that God would do many wonderful and amazing things through you.  I love you!!
                                                          Love - Mommy

We went down to Fargo to celebrate your birthday with Daddy's siblings, your grandparents & cousins.  It was a fun time.  You slept through lunch and then woke up in time for lunch and birthday cake.  It was a fun day....crazy but fun!!  What made it so fun was that all your cousins from your daddy's side were all there.  I love the picture of the oldest girl cousin and the youngest girl cousin picture!  So special!  Happy birthday my sweetie.....may all your dreams come true and we love you!

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