Saturday, September 25, 2010

Alexi & Dave's Wedding

      7 years ago I married my best friend. Now my baby sister is getting married to her best friend. Today was the absolute most perfect day that you could have for a fall day. There were beautiful puffy clouds in the sky to give us some shade and to make pictures interesting and pretty. Alexi has been my sister since I was 6 years old....I remember taking her into Kindergarten or maybe it was 1st grade for show and tell. I remember sharing a room with her and us squabbling over the light being turned on to read a great book (or sometimes to get homework finished). I remember talking late at night (and vice versa.....sometimes it was a conversation that happened while the other one was in their sleep -- we both talk in our sleep). I also remember leaving my junior year of high school and returning and just being gone those two years was rough....none of my brother or sister's friends knew of me.....I was the unknown sister. I remember going to college and then moving into an apartment and having my sister come over for help with homework and just conversations on life. I remember teaching English in Japan and getting engaged to John. Then I remember planning my wedding and just how hard it seemed because I was wrapping my mind around SO much -- my sister had just graduated from high school, preparing to get married, preparing to move across country and then just wondering what was going to happen to my sister and just missing her life. After being married for 7 years I can honestly say that life is an adventure -- sometimes life throws a curve ball at you and just push through until life gets easier. If you think about life being an adventure it makes life so much easier because there will be GREAT times (getting married, having kids, buying a house -- decorating said house and making it a home) and then there will be the hard time (sickness, death of a loved one, etc.) My hope and prayer for Alexi and Dave is that they go through life following God's word and God's example and realize that life is an adventure and what a marvelous one at that! Congratulations Alexi and Dave your wedding day was perfect and my prayer is that your life together will be a forever happy adventure!!

       The pictures I selected just reflect the joyful spirit of her wedding day. Daddy's forever little girl.....Alexi has Dad wrapped around her finger -- she just never knows how tight she's got him wrapped. He was so excited to see his little girl get married and then after the ceremony he was giving her SUCH grief and having so much fun with her. Little N was SO excited to be a ring bearer at Tante Lexi's and Uncle D's wedding.....since the wedding usually every other day I hear how he was a ring bearer and how he got to see Tante Lexi get married and how he's going to go and be a ring bearer again at their next wedding (which I keep having to say that no......that's their only wedding!) He was so happy to be a part of their special day. I was also so excited to watch my sister get married to the man that she loves. It was just to watch John marry them and hear what he had to say to them. I wish that I could have seen Dave's face as he watched Alexi walk down the stone steps. I also wish that I had my camera to capture the emotion and love that Dave was giving as he was saying his vows and just staring at his bride it was priceless and beautiful. Congratulations and know that we love you and are praying for you as you start your lives together as a family!


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