Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sharpe Hill Winery - Alexi's Bachelorette Party

We got a bunch of girls together to go for my sister Alexi's bachelorette party.  We had thought of doing SO many different things for her bachelorette - going hiking and camping for the weekend -- that got nixed after my sister-in-law went camping and found out how much work would have be involved.  Then we thought about going hiking and to dinner.  Which was something my sister would have enjoyed but how many people would want to do that.  Then my sister in law came up with a great idea -- well at least I thought it was great.  Going to a winery.  I had never been to a winery so I was super excited about going and experiencing it the only thing I was worried about was if Alexi would enjoy it.  Which thankfully she did.  We went to Sharpe Hill Vineyard in Pomfret, CT.  You could do a wine tasting -- taste all ten wines for 10 dollars or for 5 dollars you could taste 5 wines.  I have discovered that I like the Ballet of Angels wine from there.  I also am a sweet wine girl and am not a fan of the dry wines.  After we tried out wines we walked around the vineyard.  What a gorgeous area and it would be SO pretty to go see during peak fall season the grapes and then the leaves would just be gorgeous.  After walking and possibly trying a couple of the different grapes (which totally taste like the wines  that they become --- totally a wine beginner) who knows if we were able to do that but it was fun.  I also forced all the girls to jump while we were at the vineyard which was SO much fun.  So funny to try and get EVERYONE to jump at the same time!   After the winery we went Burton's -- oh my goodness I had the chicken stuffed veggies with lobster risotto to die for!!  SO good!!!  Then we drove back to my parents house and ended the night with a fire!  It was a really fun day! Great to spend it with people that were so special to Alexi.

Thank you to Emily for getting this beautiful picture of us.

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