Monday, May 11, 2009

Work and Kittens!

Little N and Caristy were asked to go over to JoAnne's house....she wanted help with things on her computer. (Well Little N wasn't asked over but had to come because John had golf practice) we went over there at 2:45 pm and stayed there until almost 7 pm. Time just was crazy......JoAnne has a wonderful and creative mind so we worked a little bit on getting her blog ready, then she read me her book that she's writing based on when she lived in excited to hear but SO disappointed that she hasn't written more. Then we just kept on working on things that she wanted done. Little N needed a nap so he slept in the crib upstairs (wasn't too happy about that one!) When Little N woke up from his nap JoAnne had to feed her we got introduced to the kittens (Little N again wasn't happy about meeting these kittens! Kind of had a panic attack) As we were leaving to go home.....we left and I completely forgot to take my camera home! OH the horror!! (It was horrible too....because Little N got to try out a toasted marshmallow.....and he was SO cute trying to eat John and Little N were doing cute things together.....ugh.....when you forget your camera you miss out on TONS of cute things!!)

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