Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Birthday to Caristy!!

So today was Caristy's birthday! Sadly not one picture was taken of her on her birthday! *tear, *sob*,tear*......but it was still a great day! A walk with her two favorite boys to go and collect her pictures (didn't get to see many of the other pictures that were brought in....I was a day late!) Then I got birthday presents: birthday phone calls (the best blackmail....ummm....I mean phone message from my brother!!) clothes from my mom, kisses and hugs from Little N, money to get what I've been saving up for from John, I got flowers from the WMF, I got chocolate potato chips (that I've not been sure if I like but I guess I like it because 1/2 the bag is gone! It just seems like so wrong a combination but is ever so yummy!!), a gift card to Bath & Body Works (as John puts it....great you can get smelly stuff!!) Then I got to go to Golden Lake to the restaurant that friends help run and chose whatever I wanted.....I got quesadilas and mozzarella sticks (Little N and I shared) and then I got to look outside and just have a nice conversation with John. (Didn't tell our friends that we were there because it was my birthday....which was a relief because we found out later that they would have sang to us....UGH!!) Got to take pictures of the birds that are out on the lake! It was a WONDERFUL day!! :-) [The two pictures of Little N that have his lip rounded is what he does when he really doesn't want to stop he SAYS NO!!!!! I think it's hilarious for now.....but I'm sure that it will get old very quick!!]

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