Thursday, May 21, 2009

To the Park?!?

We had to go down to Fargo for the Doctors (not to worry...just a regular old check up!!). We took the long route going from Cooperstown, to Bismarck then down to Fargo. :-) By the time we got to Fargo Little N was a little tired of being cooped up in the car for that long! Grandma offered to take him to the P-A-R-K (you have to spell it out otherwise your kids will want to go outside....if they are anything like Little N) he had a blast climbing up the steps all by himself and going down the slide. Side note question: WHY do ALL kids try to climb up the slide? Anyways we got to play and have fun. The next day was crazy because we had the Doctor appointment, then we had to grocery shop, pick up paper for graduation, pick up plants for our garden, pick up a piece for our garage door, pick up some Japanese food to cook for later on Friday night, and I think that was all! SIGH....busy day!! Oh opps....Friday we got back home and cleaned our house, had a Japanese meal for 11 people and then Caristy rambled to a friend until 1:30 am.....rambling because both Caristy and the friend were SO tired! :-)

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