Thursday, September 25, 2008

This is my life! case you haven't noticed in my blogs.....Little N is walking! He does a pretty good job and doesn't really crawl at all anymore! Since we got back from CT, Little N has become a Daddy's boy! Mommy is sometimes okay but Daddy usually is ALWAYS better. We went outside one day and John and someone else were playing Little N was playing with me, but really didn't want to so he set about going across our HUGE lawn to get to the person he wanted....Daddy!! Little N would get to John and then John would give him a hug walking across the lawn back to me and give him to me. So Little N again would make the HUGE walk across the lawn to get to him. It's quite funny and John really enjoys it!! Then later on in the day we noticed that Little N was sitting on one of his toys. It's got a hole to place balls in it and so sometimes he puts tons and tons of toys in the hole and when he can't get it out he tips it over to try and get the stuff out. Well we didn't notice in time so he just used it as a seat! It was very funny!!

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