Monday, September 15, 2008

Down to Iowa for Grandma Shirley's Funeral

We drove down to Iowa for Grandma Shirley's funeral. Grandma & Grandpa Olson grew up in Clarion, Iowa and went to the church where they had the funeral service. It was kind of neat to look at the confirmation pictures and see both grandma and grandpa Olson had been confirmed together. There were lots of relatives from the Olson side that I (Caristy) had never met before. One thing we found amusing was as we were driving up to the church, a lady when giving the directions had said if you went past the Baptist church you missed the Lutheran church, well as we were pulling up we noticed that the Baptist church and the Lutheran church were right next to each other. It kind of lightened up a sad moment for us. The funeral was well done. Little N and Caristy sat in the back so that we could walk around if we needed to. When the funeral was over we went to the cemetery.....I thought it was sweet Grandma Shirley was going to be buried right next to her mom and with a bunch of family around her. It was a hard thing to go to but I'm very thankful that we went.

We had cheese spread on cinnamon bread.

Little N had a turtle that he had been playing with and decided that it would be fun if he got the air from the turtle in his mouth.

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