Saturday, May 10, 2008

This is a little ridiculous!

What I had really wanted to do today was take all the kids to the park and let them just play and capture some fun shots outside. However when we woke up on Saturday it was a chilly miserable day. I looked outside and it was spitzing on and off. As we were leaving Fargo we noticed that it was starting to snow. So stupid!! It's almost the middle of May and we have snow! I am so ready to move. I used to love the Spring and Fall weather when I lived on the East Coast because it was beautiful.....the flowers would come up and the weather would be warming up so nicely and then in the fall would be the beautiful leaves that would change and be a variety of different colors. I'm not feeling it here right now! we were driving back home we were watching the side of the road and noticed that there was SNOW on the ground. NO!!! NO!!! NO!! I'm on protest! is my proof in case no one believes me. Enjoy your laughter people.....I'm just going to curl up and have a good cry!

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