Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

You know when you are a pastor's wife, Sunday holidays aren't the best thing for them to try and celebrate a special day just for you. Also when you make and start changes on your worship service on Mother's Day it makes for a SUPER busy day for the pastor. :-) John woke up on Mother's Day at 5:30 not to make me breakfast in bed but to make sure that he had everything ready for the new way that we were going to run our church service. He came back at 8:30 am to say a quick HI and was able to give me one break from a diaper change (woo hoo!!) gave me just enough time to put on my make up! Got ready and got Little N ready....then called to wish my mom, Happy Mother's Day, got talking to her and totally lost track of time.....always a bad thing especially when you are changing the time of your service from 11 am to 10 am. So I came into church a few minutes lately (opps).......sang some songs went up front with Little N for a children's sermon (I always try to bring Little N up so that he's used to going up front and also because he's a child and he can go up front. :-)) then it was time for John's sermon and for the first time in ever Little N and I went down for nursery (I was on Nursery duty) then after the sermon we split into groups and talked about the sermon....I was still on Nursery duty but wasn't exactly sure what to do so I went and helped out the younger Sunday school class. After the groups we went back up to the sanctuary and sang some songs, listened to how God had been working in some one's life and then we had something called a binding prayer...where all we had to do was say the persons name and basically that was it because God knew what was going on in that person's life. It was a great way to was short quick and it didn't feel awkward. After church we were invited to have dinner with one of the people from our church. So we joined them for some steak (which sadly was from their cattle....but was really good, so I didn't think about it to much as I ate my food. However I could never be a rancher and butcher my own meat....I think I would become a vegetarian.) and just had some good company! John got to play some Frisbee and I was asked to take some pictures for one of the girls. Little N decided that it was funny to crawl over his daddy's legs and plop to the ground. We walked home because it was a BEAUTIFUL day. After our walk we all took a nap on the living room floor. It was much needed and totally revived us! Once we got up from our nap we were invited to a fire (Little N's first fire!!) it was great because we got to just relax and enjoy the company of others and the fire, an added bonus was that John made POPCORN!! Yummy!! :-) Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers who are reading this. Here are some pictures from the day.

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  1. This sounds like a really fun day! Great pictures, especially the last one of the fire. Very cool!


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