Friday, January 25, 2008

Good Bye CT!!

We loaded up the car and headed to Dalene's to say good bye to Rich (who called and told us to come down) and Dad. Watched the boys interact with Little N and then headed to the airport. Had lunch and then grabbed our stuff to get it to the airport. Got a pass for my mom to go through security and get us to the gate which was SO helpful!! Got through security, got to the gate and then sat down. Our flight was called so we boarded the plane. We got into MSP early because there was a medical issue with someone on our flight. Kind of scary.....he was having seizures. So we got in early but we had to stay seated in the plane while the police, fire fighters, and ambulance came onto the plane to escort the man off the flight. Thankfully no drama on the second leg of our journey. Little N did a great job on the flight. He ate, fell asleep and then flirted with everyone around us....both times! :-) We got into Fargo and John was there.....the first thing he did was take little N and just hold him. He told me that with Little N around I wasn't allowed to be gone for that long again.

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for all the fun times!! We will miss you!

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