Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Brrr....what happened?

We arrived on Sunday to Minot and it was 40 degrees (I think as the high)....went walking around and went to Target, the mall closed and so we had to walk around the mall to get back into the hotel. Not to bad.

Monday we woke up to it being 18 degrees (I think as a high)....I was thinking that it wouldn't be bad to walk over to Space Aliens (a restaurant), which was just over the parking lot from us. But it was WAY to cold so we drove over there. BRRR......went back to the hotel and walked the mall. (Oh did I tell you that the hotel is connected to the mall?) The retreat started that night and after the session we were relaxing by the pool. (The water park has water slides, one going outside)....well it was to cold so the pool attendants turned off the water. Sadly a lady decided that maybe the water started further down.....so she went down the slide where most of the water was FROZEN because it was BELOW ZERO......John heard from inside the tube saying help, help because he went down another slide......there was no way to help her......sadly she just wasn't that smart.....was freezing by the time she got down to the water and kept telling everyone that the purple one was frozen so don't go on it. Sadly I think that she would have been the only on dumb enough to go down it....even the little kids knew better than to go down that slide. Sigh......

Daddy, I'm still gonna stay on earth, right? I'm not ready to fly into outer space yet!! Don't leave me! :-)

We had a great time at the retreat. We saw lots of other pastors & "spouses" (wives) from the Western District. The Sessions were great, Little N did great during the sessions and through out the whole retreat time (I want to say weekend but it was during the week). We are very blessed that the Western District is proactive in supporting their pastors in their marriages. We had a blast with everything and everyone! :-)


  1. I must say, I could neve miss the midwest cold!! It may rain here all the time, but at least we arent chilled to the bone......Glad you enjoyed the retreat!

  2. What a great thing for the district to do. I bet it was lots of fun to see everybody. I love the pics of N in the pool!

  3. Reading about your retreat brought back great memories of our time in Mayville! Yes, you are soooo right! One of the biggest blessings of the Western District (besides all the wonderful people...) is the fellowship that they foster between their pastors and wives! We treasure all the memories of those retreats!


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