Tuesday, April 17, 2007

More Assembly Required! :-)

We have assembled two out of the three items that we ordered. :-) Last night and today we tackled the baby dresser. So far we have assembled the changer, and the dresser. We wanted to put together the crib but I think we have to assemble that in the baby's room. The dresser turned out pretty nice. Here are the pictures!

P.S. Caristy helped too!! John just didn't take any pictures of her helping.


  1. I also helped screw in the white gliders!! :-)

  2. i remember those days! it really is a test on a marriage when a pregnant woman and her husband try to work together on projects like that, or at least that is what i found! i was kinda a crazy pregnant lady though! anywho...it's fun to see the pics of baby! are you going to find out the gender? i know i already asked you, but i forget what you said...sorry...i have mommy-brain! God bless!! (also, i know it has been said to you a million and one times, but ENJOY EVERY OUNCE OF SLEEP...corbin still isn't sleeping thru the night)

  3. I couldn't wait to get the baby furniture together, except we didn't get it until a few weeks before Harrison was born. I just didn't want to look at it and wait. It's always great to see what that baby is doing inside - see the fingers and toes! Enjoy these next few months - sleep, time together, and more sleep!

  4. Thanks so much for the call yesterday! It was so nice to chat with you...and the fact that you speak adult instead of baby was an added bounus! We should try to get together sometime, maybe early summer? Take care, God bless, and enjoy every once of sleep!!!

  5. I love the dresser! What colors are you doing in the nursery? Yes, I would love to come and help you paint. It would be fun! I miss seeing you. We could paint and make cards!


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