Friday, April 13, 2007

22 Weeks

So I turned 22 weeks on are some pictures per request.


  1. I see a little bump, but it would stand out more if you were in front of one of the white walls! :)

  2. Yay! Finally some pregger photos! I like your little bump! So exciting to know that a little one is on the way! Thanks for posting!

    Rachel, how come you don't post any comments on our blog?! ;o)

  3. You are looking soooo great! We are looking forward to seeing and hearing all kinds of details about your pregnancy!! Do you know if your having a boy or a girl? Or are you keeping it a surprise? Hope all is well!

  4. Hey have a little tummy!! About time we get to see what you look like!! Love you. Mom and Dad

  5. You look so cute!

    I miss being pregnant. I felt awful, but I loved it! :o)


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